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What is Food Combining?

What is Food Combining?

Food Combining is a way of eating to simplify the complexity of digesting our foods. It ensures that the foods we eat can travel through our entire digestive system with ease.

Depending on the combinations of foods you are eating, a healthy looking meal may end up causing weight gain and/or digestive problems.

There are two simple rules to food combining:

1) No proteins and starches at the same meal, wait two hours between protein and starches

2) No fruits and vegetables at the same meal, wait two hours between fruits and vegetables

So how can using these rules help? By food combining we are taking into account mechanical digestion (chewing and churning) and chemical digestion (micronutrient breakdown & enzyme production) of our macronutrients.

Food combining forces us to eat smaller meals more often, and take notice of the types of foods we are eating and when. For example waiting 2 hours after dinner to have dessert, or ditching the side of chips with your meal. If you are considering trying food combining to help relieve any digestion issues, food combining is best carried out for a duration of 6 weeks to allow the digestive system to calm.

Symptoms such as gas, flatulence, heartburn, and stomach upset can all be eased by supporting and nourishing the digestive system. Food combining can be a great stepping stone to an anti-inflammatory diet by adding a serve of healthy fats to each meal, e.g. fish, avocado, olive oil or ghee. The expert team at Mojo Health are always available for in store advice however always check with your medical practitioner before making any changes to your diet to ensure that this way of eating would suit you and your health.

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