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3 Dental Problems You May Experience On A Skiing Holiday And How You Can Avoid Them

The furthest thing from your mind when you are lying on a beach enjoying the warm sunshine might be skiing and winter sports, but for those who do enjoy them, it can mean a trip to the emergency dentist. Now, dentists and winter sports might seem an odd association but if you ever ask someone who has experienced one of the many problems winter sports and the extremely cold weather conditions that come with them can create for teeth and gums, you will understand the connection.

Skiing obviously takes place in climates where the temperature is well below freezing and often the locations in which it takes place present several risks, including risks relating to dental health. Read on, and you will discover several ways in which skiing and cold weather can adversely affect dental health, some of which may surprise you.


Whether it is skiing or another winter sport such as snowboarding, common features of them both are that they are done at speed and usually take place in outdoor environments that have plenty of obstacles. This creates conditions where accidents do occur and if you are unfortunate enough to have an accident that causes trauma to your jaw, then the possibility of broken, chipped, or lost teeth exists, as does potential serious damage to your gums.

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