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3 Dental Problems You May Experience On A Skiing Holiday And How You Can Avoid Them

The furthest thing from your mind when you are lying on a beach enjoying the warm sunshine might be skiing and winter sports, but for those who do enjoy them, it can mean a trip to the emergency dentist. Now, dentists and winter sports might seem an odd association but if you ever ask someone who has experienced one of the many problems winter sports and the extremely cold weather conditions that come with them can create for teeth and gums, you will understand the connection.

Skiing obviously takes place in climates where the temperature is well below freezing and often the locations in which it takes place present several risks, including risks relating to dental health. Read on, and you will discover several ways in which skiing and cold weather can adversely affect dental health, some of which may surprise you.


Whether it is skiing or another winter sport such as snowboarding, common features of them both are that they are done at speed and usually take place in outdoor environments that have plenty of obstacles. This creates conditions where accidents do occur and if you are unfortunate enough to have an accident that causes trauma to your jaw, then the possibility of broken, chipped, or lost teeth exists, as does potential serious damage to your gums.

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Why Some Drinks You Might Have At Home Are Surprisingly Harmful To Your Dental Health

If you have listened to and understood the advice from dentists and other dental experts, you will know exactly what you need to do to keep your teeth and gums healthy. The list includes brushing and flossing every day, regular check-ups at your dentist, and to be conscious of what you eat or drink so that you avoid most of the foods and drinks which can cause the most harm to your dental health.

Whilst there seems to be little confusion over what brushing and flossing entail, nor what a regular visit to the dentist means, the same cannot be said about what foods and rinks are regarded as healthy or harmful to teeth. There are the usual suspects known to be harmful like sugary drinks, desserts, cakes, and sweets, for example, but when it comes to knowing what definitively constitutes what is healthy or not, there is some debate and some confusion.

One of the bigger areas where some confusion exists is drinks that are harmful to teeth. These are drinks you most people have at home, and you may too. So, what are the drinks that seem healthy for teeth, but which many dentists and dental health experts say can harm them? Here are three main culprits.

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Laser Dentistry – How Modern Technology Can Improve Your Dental Health

In the world of dental health care, the vast array of research, development, and advancements in technology mean that many of the treatments and procedures which the dentists of today can perform would have seemed like something from science fiction movies to the dentists of yesteryear with their basic equipment.

Come forward to today once more, and the list of dental treatments available to you that have appeared in the last 20 years or so, is becoming ever greater. One such modern development which is becoming more widespread amongst local dentists is laser dentistry.

If you are thinking laser dentistry involves your dentist zapping the harmful microscopic bacteria that exists on your teeth and gums, like a scene from Star Trek, unfortunately, are going to be disappointed. However, laser dentistry is no less useful and can play a huge role in helping to maintain and augment the health of your mouth, teeth, and gums.

What Is Laser Dentistry?

Hopefully, you already know what a laser is. If not, it is a highly focussed beam of light. Any dentist who offers laser dentistry is likely to have not one, but two different types of laser. One will be a laser suitable for working on soft tissue which includes your gums. The other laser will be suitable for treating hard tissue, and that would obviously include your teeth.

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