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15 Motivational Fitness Quotes That Will Inspire You

No matter at what level anyone partakes in exercise and fitness programs, there has to be motivation within that individual to do so. For some, this comes easily; for others, they seem to be on a roller coaster, whereby some days, they cannot wait to get out of bed and go jogging first thing in the morning, and other days, they just want to pull the duvet over their head and go back to sleep. Let us be honest; we have all been there at least once.

It is certain everyone who does exercise has moments when their ‘get up and go’ has got up and gone! In those moments, there are several ways in which you can seek the motivation that you need, and one of the best is to recall a motivational quote. These are words that have been written or spoken, more often than not, by famous people that provide some inspiration and motivation to carry on.

So, we thought it would be useful if we did some research and found what we believe to be the best motivational quotes and, in particular, those motivational quotes that could relate to fitness and exercise. We found loads but have narrowed them down to 15 of the very best. For all quotes, we have credited the person to whom the original words belong. Some are sportspeople, others are celebrities, and you might even see one from a former US president.

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5 Signs You Aren’t as Fit as You Thought 

Fitting exercise into your busy routine can be hard work, even if you know you need to work on your fitness. But what if you think you get enough exercise through daily errands and choose not to do anything extra? Even if you believe you are fit, you actually might not be. These following points might be proof of that.

Your Heart Rate Takes Ages to Slow Down

When you’re fit, healthy, and exercise regularly, you can work out and have your heart rate decrease quickly once you finish. While you’re exercising, it’s also pumping oxygen throughout your body and beating at around 140-190 beats per minute. Once you stop, it decreases by about 20 beats per minute.

However, if you’re not fit, then your resting heart rate can take far longer to achieve. The more you work on your health and fitness, the faster your heart rate returns to its resting rate.

Walking Up Stairs Leaves You Winded

If you find yourself short of breath when walking up a simple set of stairs, then it might be time to include regular exercise into your routine. It’s normal to feel short of breath after walking up a hill, even if you’re an athlete. However, if you struggle to get up a flight of stairs and it takes you a while to return to your resting heart rate, then it’s time to work on your fitness.

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