At Braddon, we pay for your parking.

  • Parking in Braddon is easier than you think.  Our clients can usually find a parking spot within 3 to 4 minutes walk of our clinic. It is very helpful to have a short walk after your treatment in order to integrate the positive changes you will have experienced from your session.
  • Extended appointments can request FREE parking at the health centre.

The Canberra Centre parking is less than a 4 minute walk from our clinic. You can present your Canberra Centre parking ticket to our receptionist and receive $3 back which will give you up to 59 minutes of parking. Rebate is only available for Canberra Centre parking and with presentation of the ticket. We do provide some consultations to individuals at no charge under special circumstances; this rebate on parking does not apply in those cases. Some free parking is available at our clinic when booked in advance. It is for long sessions/consults and for people with disabilities.

“We are returning to normal schedule on January 11 2016”