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What I do, Why I do it and How I do it

NETWORK SPINAL ANALYSIS: the What the Why and the How I do a regular half hour workshop which is titled “What, Why, How”. It is available to the public though is mostly attended by my new patients. Please see the bulletin section of this website for the time and date of upcoming events by clicking HERE. What, Why, How presentation is designed to give extra background to the Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) entrainment process. This is a great opportunity to have your questions answered. For nearly 20 years now may of my patients have been amazed at the very positive…

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Network Spinal Analysis (NSA): University Research Summary

Network Spinal Analysis (NSA Care) is the treatment of choice I use for helping the body to heal and function at optimal levels physically, mentally and emotionally. When the joints of the body get out of alignment, pain and dysfunction typically result. If the joints of the spine are dysfunctional and painful, the nervous system, which is protected by the spine may also become dysfunctional. Research provides evidence showing this can be due to pressure and tention upon the spinal cord and nerves. Sometimes the spine may be aligned yet still be ‘stuck’ in place and that can cause nerve…

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What to Expect From Your First 2 Visits

Apprehension and indeed inaction all too often arise from simply not knowing what to expect. There are all sorts of exaggerated stories out there about what chiropractors do but one thing is definitely true for me and that is we all have different methods and abilities and we all bring our own training, experience and skills to our work. Since my return from the USA in 2008 I have been very impressed by the consistently high level of expertise and dedication in my Canberra colleagues. I hope that by reading this short article you will gain a much clearer understanding…

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Video: What To Expect On Your First Two Visits

What To Expect On Your First Two Visits Read Full Article here

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Doing sit-ups and crunches correctly. Reducing the risk of injury


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