What to Expect From Your First 2 Visits

| Chiropractic Treatment | June 08, 2013

Apprehension and indeed inaction all too often arise from simply not knowing what to expect. There are all sorts of exaggerated stories out there about what chiropractors do but one thing is definitely true for me and that is we all have different methods and abilities and we all bring our own training, experience and skills to our work. Since my return from the USA in 2008 I have been very impressed by the consistently high level of expertise and dedication in my Canberra colleagues.

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Dr Jason Barritt performing an entrainment on a patient in his office

I hope that by reading this short article you will gain a much clearer understanding of what I do and what to expect so that if you do have any apprehension it can be lessened. I also have a “Patient-To-Patient Mentor Program” that has been created for the same purpose.  Please see the home page for more details or if you don’t find it there due to maintenance simply email us.

Getting What We Want

I use a very gentle technique that teaches the body a strategy of self-correction which typically results in long term health and pain reducing benefits desired by almost everyone. The Dali Lama likes to say “As human beings we all want to be happy and free from misery…”

The Secret To Deep, Long Lasting Results

As the well known Chinese proverb goes, “Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day; teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime.”

I believe that an essential part of the success of my treatment is that its first goal is to teach the body a strategy of self correction.  I achieve this by using gentle touches to the spine in such a way that it responds so that your body can learn to do the work rather than me. Here’s one of my favourite mottos: “Less is More”. This arises from my personal experience, which is: “The less force that comes from me and the more it comes from your body, the deeper the positive changes can be and the longer they can last.”

Each treatment is called an “Entrainment” which involves connecting the vibration of one point on the spine to another in order to create new neurological connections between those points. I will discuss the phenomenon of Entrainment in more detail in another article but in the mean time you can see a discussion about research into these neurological changes in the PDF at the end of my article titled “Gentle Chiropractic Care” on this site.

Discover The Cause Of Your Symptoms

During your initial one-hour session  I will take time to ask you about each of your symptoms.  I will then do a physical evaluation (please wear loose clothing because you’ll keep these on just like the person in the picture above).  During the physical I will assess ten different Spinal Health Indicators (SHI) and make notes on over 100 individual findings in an attempt to discover the cause of your symptoms.  People usually have at least one and sometimes many abnormal findings in each of these ten SHI’s.  Each of the abnormal findings will be reassessed immediately after your first gentle treatment in order to reveal to both you and myself which ones have already improved and by how much.

I developed this approach of “Test and Immediate Re-test” because the treatment is so gentle that people used to wonder if I had actually done anything.  By re-testing, I now find that in nearly every case, significant results are experienced on the very first visit. This can then assure the patient that significant positive neurological changes have occurred and a profound healing process has begun.

The Spinal Health Indicators that I use as part of the initial evaluation include:

1.      Breathing- Integrity of Respiratory Wave

2.      Posture

3.      Muscle Strength Testing- Symmetry and Weakness

4.      Range of Motion

5.      Tenderness Levels

6.      Orthopaedic Tests

7.      Passive Spinal Stiffness

8.      Passive Spinal Stiffness Compared With Muscle Tension

9.      Muscle Hypertonicity;

10.    Chiropractic Neurological Parameters

I require a 2 visit minimum as part of a thorough initial evaluation process. You will receive treatment at both sessions. On the second visit I will discuss my findings with you and answer your questions as well as explain any recommendations for further treatment. You will also receive a 20 page report that will outline and explain my findings.

I hope you take this opportunity for us to work together so that we can discover the cause of some or possibly all of your symptoms and thereby find a solution to at least some of your health concerns. As a result you can begin an exciting journey of profound healing that in many cases results in an improved quality of life. If that is what you want then I encourage you to call to set up an appointment for just two initial visits.

Click here for short video “What to Expect from your first two visits”

Jason Barritt, B.Sc. (Hons), D.C.

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