Brief Low Cost Chiropractic Consultation

Option 1 is a 20 minute low cost consultation and option 2 is comprehensive consultation.

*OPTION #1: If you are not yet sure that Dr Jason is the right chiropractor for
you then we encourage you to receive his no obligation low cost consultation. It
is just $49.*

*This consult will provide an opportunity for the following:

* A review of your clinical history and diagnostic reports such as MRI’s,
X-rays or CT scans. This will help us to understand your condition and
recommend a treatment plan or referral.
* Answers to your questions regarding our treatment methods
* A brief physical evaluation to help determine if there are any clear
indications of spinal problems that could be causing your symptoms.
* An explanation of findings and recommendations.
* This consultation does not include a complete evaluation nor does it include

*–Book your low cost consult today for just $49* ➡

*OPTION #2: If you already know that you want to receive your thorough initial
chiropractic consultation that can include treatment then this is the option for

Braddon – At your initial thorough chiropractic evaluation with Dr Jason Barritt
you will receive a 80 to 100 point physical check-up along with a detailed
symptom check in order to help ID the cause of your health concerns and monitor
your progress effectively. It will include up to 60 minutes for a detailed
physical evaluation and consultation including treatment if needed with a 30
minute follow-up session also including treatment if clinically indicated. The
fee for both consultations is $195 or $175 for students, children or pensioners.

Call 6162 2919 to make an appointment or ask your questions.

Or schedule your initial thorough consult today via email. ➡

*Ainslie – If you want to see Dr Judy Barritt in Ainslie for your initial
thorough chiropractic consultation that can include treatment please call her
for details on 02 6247 0070*

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