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Can children be chiropractic patients?

Yes! Chiropractic care is based on the basic physiological and biological sciences, which apply to children, right from birth, just as they do to adults. Chiropractic care benefits children the same way it benefits adults, and it can be very beneficial to have them checked by a chiropractor experienced in working with children. Both Jason and Judy have worked with children as young as a few days old. The methods they use are very gentle and safe for children.

Can I receive your treatment and be assured that you won’t crack my neck?
We understand that some people are uncomfortable with the idea of having their neck “cracked” with the traditional chiropractic method of adjusting the spine. The Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) method can incorporate the traditional chiropractic adjustments once it has helped the spine achieve a greater state of ease and flexibility. We have been told many times that this makes receiving traditional adjustments more comfortable. The traditional chiropractic adjustments have been around for over 100 years for good reason- they are safe and they work. However, we know some people just don’t want the “cracking” type of manual adjustments. In cases like this we will make a note in red pen on the treatment sheet saying “No Adjustments”. 
In many cases NSA is so fast and effective at correcting problems in the spine that no manual adjustments are needed, even when the patient has indicated that they are quite happy to receive those manual adjustments.
How long will I need to receive chiropractic care?
Every one has a different history of injuries and emotional stress that can affect the rate of progress.  We have seen some people respond very rapidly while others respond more slowly. However, we find the wondrous nature of the healing process is so exciting that most people are delighted either way. 
How long you stay in care will always be up to you. You will receive an initial detailed physical and symptomatic assessment as well as intermittent re-evaluations in order to monitor your progress.  Together we will discover what your goals are and once reached you will be asked if you would like to (a) make further progress, (b) maintain the progress you’ve been able achieve or (c) stop care altogether. Some people decide to stop care once they reach their initial goals. Others enjoy the experience of profound relaxation and better health that can be experienced with each treatment session. Continued care helps keep people at their optimal personal level of vitality and so they choose to receive care once a month or so.
Research into NSA summarised in this article http://optimalhealthcanberra.com.au/network-spinal-analysis-nsa/  found that “there was no ‘ceiling’ to the results over time for the health and wellness categories investigated.”  This indicated that even after 3 years of care people were still making progress towards a greater experience of wellbeing. Many people are very pleased to learn that not only the young but also seniors can improve their mental and emotional wellbeing as well as get stronger and more flexible as they age rather than decline.  The media is full of stories about how, no matter what our age, we can improve our mental ability with brain exercises and our health with physical exercise. NSA is another effective method that can be added to that list. Perhaps this is because NSA will typically help us to restore our spine’s ability to move more fully and freely, thereby allowing better  nerve communication, which in turn controls so many functions of the human body.  
This means that should you choose to continue to receive our care it is likely that you could continue to experience more and more wellbeing in the ways listed from that research.  Please take a quick look at the above research summary to see the many exciting possibilities for improved health and quality of life.
Is it true that chiropractic is a safe method of health care?

Yes. Chiropractic treatment has a great deal of science behind it. There are numerous studies, that are have been done, both privately and government funded, that conclude chiropractic to be highly effective, safe and cost-effective. Spinal adjusting is one of the most researched health care interventions. Studies constantly indicate that chiropractic treatment is very safe.

What is a subluxation?
A chiropractic subluxation is a misalignment in your spine that will irritate the nervous system resulting in overall malfunction or disharmony. Subluxations affect your nerve, disc, ligament and joint health; it weakens muscles; it causes you to have a decrease in the energy flowing from your brain and nerves to all parts of your body. Your if your muscles and internal organs receive abnormal nerve communication they will not function optimally and a range of symptoms can result that may lesson or resolve when your subluxations are corrected with chiropractic care in order to reduce the nerve interference.  Nerve interference can exist and be causing health problems without symptoms. This is why many people visit their chiropractor on a regular basis just for a check up and to feel the benefits of improved performance or simply a greater sense of wellbeing.
The above statements are  supported by the scientific literature. For example, this study called “Dysfunction Without Pain” concluded “Nerve root compression can exist without pain. Mechanical changes lead to circulatory changes.  Inflammatogenic agents may cause chemical radiculitis. (This means it could cause inflammation that leads to pain in the area supplied by that nerve.) There may be disturbed CFS flow. The influence of the sympathetic system may result in synaptic sensitisation of the central nervous system and peripheral nerves, creating a vicious cycle.” (Hause, M., “Pain and Nerve Root” Spine 1993; 18 (14):2053)
What is chiropractic and how does it work?

Chiropractic is a natural non-invasive approach to your health care. It is based on the scientifically supported fact that the body actually has the innate ability to heal itself but this ability depends greatly on a healthy spine and nervous system. Spinal adjustments correct subluxations which can typically reduce pain and reducing or removing irritations to the nervous system that cause nerve interference which in turn hamper normal communication between the brain and body. Chiropractic is well known for helping people reduce problems like back and back pain as well as neck, shoulder and leg pain. However, there are numerous reasons for spinal stress which can lead to a wide range of health problems.

What research does this method have to support its effectiveness?
Several university studies (see link below for details) have been done investigating the primary chiropractic method we use called Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) or Network Care. One study analysed the results of over 2800 people who had received NSA and found a statistical improvement in dozens of aspects of health. In fact, it demonstrated that “Network Care appeals to highly motivated individuals who are interested in alternative care as a means to achieve holistic health enhancement.” It found “… 95% of respondents reported their expectations had been met.”
The researchers also concluded that “… these findings provide substantial evidence that Network Care should be included among those practices with established health benefits.”
For more details on this research into NSA please see this article on our website http://optimalhealthcanberra.com.au/network-spinal-analysis-nsa/
What type of education and/or training does a chiropractor have?

Education requirements for doctors of chiropractic are among the most stringent of any of the health care professions. Because chiropractic care demands highly skilled adjusting, a major portion of time is spent in the clinical technique training to master these important procedures. Doctors of Chiropractic are educated as primary contact health care providers, with an emphasis on diagnosis/treatment of musculoskeletal system and nerves system conditions.  Both Jason and Judy were trained in the USA with over 5000 classroom hours.

Your method is reported to be very gentle. How can I know just how gentle it is?
NSA uses gentle touches of the practitioners finger or thumb with pressure to specific locations on the back or neck that use no more force than what could be comfortably put on your eye with the eyelids closed.  Done properly, this results in spontaneous corrective movements in the spine. These can be very subtle or quite obvious.  Either way after just a few sessions the result is usually an obvious reduction in stiffness, tenderness and pain in the back and neck leading to improved posture, increased strength and a greater sense of wellbeing.
For more details on NSA please see this article on our website http://optimalhealthcanberra.com.au/nsa-gentle-chiropractic-treatment/

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