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Neuroplastic Treatment: A Different Approach Neuroplastic Treatment: A Different Approach… To Pain Reduction and Enhanced Performance FASCINATING and BEAUTIFULA representation of nerve cells at work in the brain. The primary method used by Jason is a form of neuroplastic treatment which uses gentle touches to the spine in order to stimulate the nervous system’s capacity to learn a strategy of self-correction. This typically results in enhanced mental and physical performance as well as reduced symptoms. Jason’s initial focus is to reduce spinal stiffness and asymmetric restriction of movement rather than to correct specific misalignments of the vertebrae. Once the strategy develops, it encourages the spine to spontaneously realign itself. The understanding of neuroplasticity and its potential clinical value is explained by Norman Doidge, M.D. In his popular book The Brain That Changes Itself, he says: “I became interested in the idea of a changing brain because Continue Reading

Scoliosis: A Gentle & Effective Approach To Its Treatment

Some approaches to the treatment of scoliosis can be invasive and forceful. As a result, they may come with a significant potential risk. Even some back braces are designed to force the spine to be straighter. I have seen where three years of using a 23-hour-a-day back brace led to profound muscle weakness and a 15 degree increase in the scoliotic curvature. In other cases I have seen braces be helpful. In contrast, the primary chiropractic method I use avoids putting force into the “stuck” and “sore” areas and instead has ways to detect the locations in the spine that invite…

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